Who We are

We are a premier data-driven investment platform with billions of dollars in transactional experience. Our investment experience spans multiple states with a Florida focus. Our approach to investing is matching our capital alongside our investors and aligning our expectations.

Our advanced underwriting models give us market trend insights, leading to more profitable decisions. Our capital stack, platform, and partnerships allow for high-velocity transactions in various marketplaces.

Our hands-on investment Experience has taught us what framework is best in executing a trade or investment strategy. Our team is continuously available wherever and whenever you need it.

AJ Koontz

A.J. Koontz

Managing Partner,

Jeremy Dzurick

Jeremy Dzurick

Director of Sales and Acquisitions

Jake Koontz

Jake Koontz, CPA

Director of Finance

Ben Ostrower

Ben Ostrower

Data Analyst & DBA

Samantha Wahrmann

Samantha Wahrmann

Transaction Manager

Byron T. Cooksey, II

Property Management & Development