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Jeremy Dzurick

Jeremy Dzurick

Director of Sales and Acquisitions

Jeremy Dzurick, a business-oriented leader, is the Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Charles Brooks Holding Company (CBHC).

As Director of Sales and Acquisitions at CBHC, Jeremy pioneers the acquisition and selling of the firm’s real estate, focusing on extracting the maximum value from each asset. He has successfully supported hundreds of transactions by actively identifying problems and creating robust solutions. Jeremy also manages the firm’s tax lien portfolio on primary and secondary markets.

Jeremy previously served as an Intern, Junior Analyst, and Buy-Side Analyst at CBHC, working his way up the ladder by demonstrating his passion for real estate investing and consistently producing high-quality results. With hands-on experience in all aspects of the business, Jeremy is adept at communicating and fostering relationships with developers, national home builders, and local investors.

Jeremy graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management.