Our Business

Tax certificate Investment

With billions invested and over 13 years of experience in the tax lien marketplace, we continue to lead and outperform using innovative underwriting and asset management platforms.

Built-to-Rent Short Term Rental

Acquired Vacant Residential Land is developed into income-producing rental properties generating greater returns and placing more capital. Our Vacant Residential Land company supplies a constant channel of Vacant Residential properties ready for development. With the growing demand for nomad lifestyles, the developed properties are used as short-term and long-term rental properties rented out on platforms like Airbnb & VRBO

Future Development Opportunity

The acquisition of large parcels/properties is most suitable for scale development, including concentrated SFR planned SFR development and multifamily across Florida, enabling diversification to meet various risk and yield strategies.

Vacant Residential Land

Vacant Residential Land is acquired through government tax deed auctions and directly from owners using data-driven investment strategies and outbound marketing techniques. We use Asset Valuation Model’s (AVM) to acquire, price, and sell the land at a premium ROI.

Hotel & Condo

The Hotel and Condo environment unit ownership in locations such as the Vero Beach Hotel and the Moorings and Fairways communities affords our investors' consistent returns.